“Even better than their delivery of the completed work with all the required information, what [CREATECH] did was to guide my own work, which allowed me to assimilate aspects of my project such as the implementation plan or the cash flow which I otherwise would not have understood; this gave me an advantage at the moment that I presented the project [to the grant program’s investment panel].” (translated)
— Fernando Ulloa, project director FONDEF VIU, Univ. Austral de Chile More

“… they detected the strengths and weaknesses of my project, and were very honest about it.” (translated)
— Francisco Rodriguez, FONDEF VIU Project Director, NBC - P. Univ. Católica de Valparaíso More

“They were very patient with me - they taught me how to better formulate a project [grant proposal] even when ‘by contract’ it was not their responsibility. It was very fun working CREATECH.” (translated)
— Carolina Rosas, FONDEF VIU Project Director, Univ. de Chile More

[Regarding the “Market & IP Assessment” study purchased], “it was a thoroughly professional job, that met all of the agreed-upon deadlines.” (translated)
— Viviana Videla, Hatchery Chief, Fundación Chinquihue More

“The two previous projects we developed with CREATECH [Applied Research type Line 1], were successful and well received … Thanks to CREATECH we made contact with several companies.” (translated)
— Araceli Olvares PhD, Researcher, CREAS More

I think CREATECH did an excellent job, even considering that we requested the information in record time. They responded with responsibility and punctuality. We will definitely contact them again…” (translated)
— Leonardo Saenz PhD, Researcher, Vaccimed, spin-off of Univ. de Chile More

“CREATECH performed a thorough study of the feasibility of our project, which allowed us to present it to CORFO with the confidence of having a serious and professional external validation.” (translated)
— Tomás Arredondo, CEO, PlaceTribe More

“…the knowledge and experience [of CREATECH’s team] made it easy to explain the project to them … the established deadlines and objectives were achieved, which made our work together quite fluid. … They found competitors that I had not envisioned for our project.” (translated)
— Cristian Jara, R&D Manager, Metricarts More

*Client quotes have been translated to English, where applicable.

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