[Regarding the Market & IP Assessment performed] “…the team was very professional. The timeline, as well as the budget and work planning, were performed we had agreed at the onset. We received the answers that we were seeking, fulfilling the project’s objectives.” (translated)
— Pablo Senosiain, Area Manager of SimulaUC, P. Univ. Católica de Chile More

“… the usefulness of the information [in the “Market Profile” report] was essential in that it transformed the project, starting from the business idea to the company launch.” (translated)
— Juan Carlos Solari, Founding Partner, UbiMovil More

“We received important input to proceed with the sales process for our product.” (translated)
— Henry Herrera, General Manager, Innovaideas More

“We are transferring the technology to the private sector … CREATECH has been a strategic partner for us, to move forward in the different stages … of this research.” (translated)
— Jorge Díaz PhD, Researcher, INIA More

“…our team found the report [that CREATECH developed] to be very comprehensive [demonstrating] their high level of interest in a task that was performed with dedication. Even in a years’ time, we would not have been able to create this type of report.” (translated)
— Pablo Campos, Project Director, Tetralux (FONDEF VIU), Univ. Técnica Federico Santa María More

“CREATECH performed a thorough study of the feasibility of our project, which allowed us to present it to CORFO with the confidence of having a serious and professional external validation.” (translated)
— Tomás Arredondo, CEO, PlaceTribe More

“[CREATECH] has been very professional in their deliveries and commitments to the project. The market assessment they developed for us confirmed several important things that we thought to be true but had not backed up with a detailed analysis … they achieved a rapid understanding of the topic and supported us almost as if they were part of the creative team.” (translated)
— Felipe Arenas, Project Director, Ludotopia (FONDEF VIU), Univ. Técnica Federico Santa María More

“What was most important were the accessibility and trust of the people [on CREATECH’s team], since this allowed us to work fluidly in developing the studies. … The service was very good, from a personal and professional perspective, since all of the information collected was from very good sources and it was analyzed in order to determine what the market requires of my company.” (translated)
— Arturo Alvarez, General Manager, SISAR Ltda. More

*Client quotes have been translated to English, where applicable.

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