“Even better than their delivery of the completed work with all the required information, what [CREATECH] did was to guide my own work, which allowed me to assimilate aspects of my project such as the implementation plan or the cash flow which I otherwise would not have understood; this gave me an advantage at the moment that I presented the project [to the grant program’s investment panel].” (translated)
— Fernando Ulloa, project director FONDEF VIU, Univ. Austral de Chile More

I think CREATECH did an excellent job, even considering that we requested the information in record time. They responded with responsibility and punctuality. We will definitely contact them again…” (translated)
— Leonardo Saenz PhD, Researcher, Vaccimed, spin-off of Univ. de Chile More

“What was most important were the accessibility and trust of the people [on CREATECH’s team], since this allowed us to work fluidly in developing the studies. … The service was very good, from a personal and professional perspective, since all of the information collected was from very good sources and it was analyzed in order to determine what the market requires of my company.” (translated)
— Arturo Alvarez, General Manager, SISAR Ltda. More

“The two previous projects we developed with CREATECH [Applied Research type Line 1], were successful and well received … Thanks to CREATECH we made contact with several companies.” (translated)
— Araceli Olvares PhD, Researcher, CREAS More

“…the knowledge and experience [of CREATECH’s team] made it easy to explain the project to them … the established deadlines and objectives were achieved, which made our work together quite fluid. … They found competitors that I had not envisioned for our project.” (translated)
— Cristian Jara, R&D Manager, Metricarts More

“They were very patient with me - they taught me how to better formulate a project [grant proposal] even when ‘by contract’ it was not their responsibility. It was very fun working CREATECH.” (translated)
— Carolina Rosas, FONDEF VIU Project Director, Univ. de Chile More

“CREATECH performed a thorough study of the feasibility of our project, which allowed us to present it to CORFO with the confidence of having a serious and professional external validation.” (translated)
— Tomás Arredondo, CEO, PlaceTribe More

[Regarding the Market & IP Assessment performed] “…the team was very professional. The timeline, as well as the budget and work planning, were performed we had agreed at the onset. We received the answers that we were seeking, fulfilling the project’s objectives.” (translated)
— Pablo Senosiain, Area Manager of SimulaUC, P. Univ. Católica de Chile More

*Client quotes have been translated to English, where applicable.

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