[Regarding the “Market & IP Assessment” study purchased], “it was a thoroughly professional job, that met all of the agreed-upon deadlines.” (translated)
— Viviana Videla, Hatchery Chief, Fundación Chinquihue More

“They were very patient with me - they taught me how to better formulate a project [grant proposal] even when ‘by contract’ it was not their responsibility. It was very fun working CREATECH.” (translated)
— Carolina Rosas, FONDEF VIU Project Director, Univ. de Chile More

“… thanks to the market assessments and guidance to develop our business plan [performed by CREATECH], we could face the market with much more clarity, knowing our weaknesses and strengths, as well as the barriers and potential competitors. … Definitely it is a great help, and we would hire them again without a doubt.” (translated)
— Hermes Silva, Founding Partner, Energy Tracking More

“We received important input to proceed with the sales process for our product.” (translated)
— Henry Herrera, General Manager, Innovaideas More

“[CREATECH] has been very professional in their deliveries and commitments to the project. The market assessment they developed for us confirmed several important things that we thought to be true but had not backed up with a detailed analysis … they achieved a rapid understanding of the topic and supported us almost as if they were part of the creative team.” (translated)
— Felipe Arenas, Project Director, Ludotopia (FONDEF VIU), Univ. Técnica Federico Santa María More

I think CREATECH did an excellent job, even considering that we requested the information in record time. They responded with responsibility and punctuality. We will definitely contact them again…” (translated)
— Leonardo Saenz PhD, Researcher, Vaccimed, spin-off of Univ. de Chile More

“I have no doubt that the projection that my business has today is due in large part to the serious work performed by CREATECH’s team.” (translated)
— Mario Cortes, General Manager, GESPROMET More

“CREATECH performed a thorough study of the feasibility of our project, which allowed us to present it to CORFO with the confidence of having a serious and professional external validation.” (translated)
— Tomás Arredondo, CEO, PlaceTribe More

*Client quotes have been translated to English, where applicable.

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