CREATECH’s certifications, awards, memberships, training and professional networks represent our commitment to quality and are part of the enhanced value that we deliver to our clients.

 CREATECH has been a member of Licensing Executives Society since 2005. LES International is a business association composed of 10,000 individual members in over 90 countries who are involved in licensing, transfer and management of intellectual property rights.

Catherine Jelinek was also Co-Chair of the LESI Americas Committee, and co-founder and vice-president of the Chilean chapter, LES Chile.
 Since 2005, CREATECH has been a member of AUTM (Association of University Technology Managers).

AUTM members are involved in all aspects of protecting, licensing and managing academic intellectual property. Its 3000+ members are primarily based in the United States.
 Catherine W. Jelinek, CREATECH’s Co-founder and General Manager, was awarded the Certified Licensing Professional (CLP) designation in 2008 at the program’s launch. She was the first to receive this designation in South America. Through extensive ongoing professional development she has maintained this designation.

The Certified Licensing Professional™ (CLP) program is an initiative of Licensing Executives Society USA and Canada. Its current leadership includes representatives from AUTM, LES and BIO. More
 Our first CREATECH Connect® event, organized in 2006, was supported by World Bank and CONICYT. CREATECH Connect®: Idea to Market® provided international technology transfer training for an audience of universities and startups in 5 cities of Chile. More
 CREATECH’s professionals receive continuous training from the leading industry associations and government agencies related to our areas of expertise: technology transfer and licensing, IP protection, and other topics. These include training by LES, AUTM, PIPRA, WIPO and others.
 In 2012 CREATECH was selected as the first member of CORFO’s Registry of Market & IP Assessment Providers, a type of assessment required by winners of I+D Aplicada Linea 2 grants. Previously the company was also accredited as an Intellectual Property Consultant (EAPI) by CORFO (2008).
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