Beyond R&D and commercial prototype, a range of commercial, production and financial efforts and capabilities increase the market launch success of new products, in existing or new markets. CREATECH helps with:

  • Market prioritization
  • Business strategy and plans
  • Partner search for clients and collaborators
  • Positioning strategy
  • Market feedback
  • Assessments to answer the teams’ and investors’ questions

With our vast experience evaluating, positioning, obtaining market feedback and finding partners to advance science and technology innovations to market, in the more than 450 projects developed for clients, CREATECH understands the challenges that arise in technology commercialization.

Our team’s broad experience and technical expertise mean our services are suitable for all areas of science and technology and all industries, in local or international markets.

CREATECH will work with you to define the right set of Services to meet your needs. Contact us to start a conversation today.

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