CREATECH facilitates the successful transfer of R&D results, patents and new products or services for their commercialization in national or international markets. Our services may assist R&D organizations in specific stages of the licensing or partnering process, or we may manage the entire campaign as needed.

Client needs

  • Expert support to implement business strategies for licensing, spin-offs, start-ups, joint-ventures, internationalization, etc.
  • Independent review of technology or patent portfolios to select candidates for technology transfer
  • Valuation of innovations and patents, and support to negotiate licensing and other types of contracts for their commercialization
  • Preparation of technology marketing materials
  • Generation of interested potential licensees, or clients for commercialization

Our response

CREATECH’s Strategic Business Development services assist clients in implementing marketing, sales and partnering strategies for business models involving technology transfer, start-ups, commercialization, internationalization and others. We support diverse technology and patent owners –such as R&D organizations, start-ups and companies– by identifying potential licensees or commercialization partners, defining the terms of licensing agreements, and negotiating agreements to support commercialization.

CREATECH offers:

  • Technology transfer and licensing
  • Valuation of technologies and companies
  • Partner search for licensing or commercialization
  • Export development for goods or services
  • Marketing materials development

CREATECH has proven experience which has been recognized and guided by our participation in the international technology transfer and licensing industry (though membership or training by AUTM, LES, WIPO and others). Our team includes one of the first Certified Licensing Professionals, awarded in 2008, and the first one located in South America.

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