CREATECH helps its clients to formulate business strategies for innovations, and to raise funding for their implementation, in national or international markets.

Client needs

  • Business plan development to commercialize science and technology-based innovations
  • Funding strategy orientation, to obtain grants (CONICYT, CORFO, SBIR, STTR) or private investment
  • Preparation of project proposals for R&D, technology transfer, start-ups and commercialization
  • Strategic support to choose the target market, business model, and IP, marketing and financial strategies
  • Identification of partners for collaborative R&D projects

Our response

Professional preparation of business strategy, business plans and funding proposals by CREATECH’s team positions innovations for marketing, operational and financial success, and improves the results of fundraising efforts. We consider diverse business models to commercialize or transfer new science and technology, including start-ups, spin-offs, licensing, sponsored research, training, services and others.

CREATECH offers:

  • Business plan and business model development
  • Preparation of funding proposals (CORFO, CONICYT, SBIR, STTR)
  • Market and product strategy development
  • Services for portfolios of projects and patents

CREATECH’s experience includes developing, coaching and reviewing hundreds of business plans for companies, start-ups and R&D organizations. Our business plans and funding proposals help our clients confidently plan and implement fundraising campaigns: from 2005 - 2014 we helped clients raise $8 million (USD) in grant funding, with an exceptional win rate of 85%.

Contact us to learn how our experience can answer your business strategy and funding needs for R&D, Technology Transfer, Start-Up or Commercialization.

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