CREATECH’s team of professionals applies proven expertise, world-class proprietary methodologies and a global professional network to detect market opportunities and position clients’ innovations for commercialization. As we reach our 10 year milestone, CREATECH continues its success under the leadership of Catherine Jelinek CLP, one of the company’s founders.


Built upon the founders 30+ years of international experience in the areas of technology transfer and commercialization, business development, and new product development, CREATECH has vastly grown the depth and breadth of its organizational knowledge and experience during its first 10 years. CREATECH’s employees and consultants apply their expertise in commercial, technological, scientific, financial, intellectual property and other areas, depending upon the needs of each client engagement. Our team receives continuous training from the most relevant industry associations and government agencies.


Our team is supported by CREATECH’s world-class innovation assessment methodologies and proprietary business systems. These are constantly evolving with one goal in mind: sustained customer satisfaction. We have been perfecting these systems since 2005 through their use in performing more than 450 client projects, and through continued evaluation of the relevant best practices from the international technology transfer, licensing, competitive intelligence and project management domains. Clients notice that our assessments include thorough research; for this our team benefits from our proprietary e-library which contains over 150 of our most trusted research resources, including industry-specific resources and those we access via subscription.


Our team also uses CREATECH’s global professional network that spans 6 continents and includes:

  • Our base of experience and industry contacts, having evaluated and prospected almost 50 countries representing more than 84% of world market value for clients’ innovations
  • The 140+ clients we have served including universities, companies, and others
  • The international industry associations that we participate in
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