Innovators and entrepreneurs, on the path of transforming their innovation from an idea into a commercial product, will have many questions along the way.

To meet needs in our Spanish-language markets, our Thought Leadership series (Liderazgo Visionario) provides a repository of strategic and tactical concepts which are available on-demand to answer some of the most common questions that arise on the long path from idea to market. To read these contents in Spanish, click the titles below.

We will continue to publish new Thought Leadership contents, in English and Spanish. To be notified when we add new items, follow us in Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Wordpress, or subscribe to receive news in your email.

Other publications

  • Catherine W. Jelinek and María Inés Fernández Rojas, “Estudio de Mercado ECO20: EcoAlimentos, EcoTecnologías y Ecoturismo”, CREATECH S.A. for Centro Innovo USACH, 2009.
  • USM, CREATECH S.A., et al., Spin-off Universidad Emprendedora, 2008, chapters 2, 5, 6 y 9. Contact us for purchase information.
  • Clarisse Escorel, John Paul, and Catherine Jelinek (authored the Chile chapter),“Patent And Technology Licensing In Latin America”, les Nouvelles magazine, Licensing Executives Society, June 2005, p. 81-86.


IMPORTANT: The general information and advice given in each Thought Leadership article will not apply to all situations. We recommend reading the article and determining which ideas are most applicable to your particular case. You also need to evaluate whether your situation requires specific commercial, legal, financial or other advice, for your type of technology or business.

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